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Founded by Martin Brochhaus and Tobias Lorenz, our agency creates future proof solutions on the web since 2010. Bitlab Studio is characterized by transparent and unbureaucratic work flows and a high amount of personal engangement. Our cooperations are international, unique and inspiring. We're already looking forward to your project.

Our diverse customer base contains startups, medium-size businesses, public authorities as well as scientific and public supporters. This allowed us to gain a wide range of experience, which we continuously expand. As a full-service and full-stack agency we're glad about every new client bringing in new challenges to master.


Hand in hand, open-minded and personal

We work for your satisfaction. Websites are complex projects, that change while they grow, which requires attention and flexibility. Thus we prefer an agile and transparent work flow with an open, uncomplicated and personal communication. This leaves our partners room to act fast and efficient, saves them stress and prevents sudden cost explosions.

Our work flows allow us to cooperate across different timezones and continents without complications. All our actions are documented transparently. A personal and friendly communication is core of our work.

Technology made for you

To be able to react to changes and requirements quick and precise, we combine modern and reliable technology. The combination of those can always be adjusted to perfectly fit the needs of your project. This guarantees optimal output for minimal costs.

The quality of our work has highest priority and is guaranteed by test driven development (TDD) and a continuous integration with automatic testing and deployments.

Single Server

For a start we suggest a cost-efficient and low maintenance solution. If traffic is still low, a single instance in an Ubuntu/nginx combination is the best choice.

Amazon AWS

Amazon offers a giant portfolio of powerful tools and services, that we gladly rely on. Amazon's server and hosting solutions can be scaled according to your project's needs and offer the highest grade of performance and security.

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Docker decentralizes server processes and creates a powerful and scalable system. We use Docker for growing and complex projects with varying or high user counts and high demands on the server infrastructure.

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  • Python

    Python is a modern and complete programming language and the base of most of our apps.

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    • Django

      This framework based on Python offers a high degree of functionality, stability, security and expandability. A huge amount of Open Source apps make Django a perfect foundation of every project. Join sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify or National Geographic that use Django for their application.

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  • GraphQL

    GraphQL is a revolutionary query language for APIs and connects the API endpoint with a relevant frontend. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data and gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more.

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  • HTML5

    For structuring and presenting your precious content, a careful handling of HTML code is a must. It's important to take into account human as well as machine visitors, like search engine bots.

    • CSS, CSS3 & LESS

      CSS belongs to the standard repertoire of every web designer and can accomplish great things. Through CSS3 website styling is experiencing a renaissance in form of animations, smooth transitions, forms and colors. In combination with JavaScript and scalable vector graphics (SVG) we create eye catcher with optimal performance on all devices.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is deeply enrooted in modern front end programming. Animations, validations and asynchronous data transfer are a must for every modern project.

    • jQuery

      With jQuery we have access to a powerful library based on JavaScript, that allows us to create intuitive and appealing user interfaces.

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    • React

      React is a JS library of the next generation, developed by Facebook. With React sheer incredible ways of UI programming open up, that allows us to port your web UI natively to mobile devices and even desktops. A client application on top of a Django API allows all devices to communicate with a central database. With React we create a comfortable user interface, which decreases loading times drastically and makes every user's visit a real experience.

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      • React Native

        React Native is the decent brother of React and provides an easy way to build mobile apps using JavaScript only. Since we are able to create apps for iOS and Android with the same code base, we are able to significantly minimize your costs.

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One for all, all for one

Quality, up-to-dateness and sustainability of code lies in the hands of those people, that create and maintain it. The wide spectrum and the modern nature of our technology thrives from our developer's engagement in Open Source. For this reason we love the big, vibrant world, that is Open Soure apps and we support it with all our means. Interested?  → Our apps on Github